Sunday, October 3, 2010

Boston Sports Kid

I hate New York. Yes, I am a biased sports fan- surprise! I'm a born and raised Boston fan- Celtics, Pats, Red Sox and once upon a time I was a Bruins fan (I was a fan casualty of the lockout).
Let me just start with saying, if you haven't seen Josh Scobee's ridiculous 59 yard game winning field goal, check it out:

Not only a crazy, once-in-a-lifetime kick, but it was to beat the Colts! I hate the Colts, really, really hate the Colts, but Peyton Manning is a goddamn good quarterback. I mean, I have seen lots of good quarterbacks play in person- Brady, Brees, Rivers, Mcnair, Favre etc. But with the exception of Brady in 2007, Manning is the only guy here that when he goes back to pass, you just KNOW he is throwing a completion. It doesn't matter if the guy is covered, or how far away he is, it's gonna be a perfect throw. Just watch any of his 2 minute offenses- he's a killer.

Anyway, I plan on focusing on current sports events, and throwing around my biased opinions and observations. If you don't like it, don't read it. Simple as that. If you think I'm an idiot, post it in the comments.

Lets talk some Pats- Dolphins, AFC East, Monday night showdown. I expect this to be an extremely tough game for the Pats. Not only are they coming off of a really disconcerting victory (you don't usually hear that phrase thrown around too often) over the lowly Bills, but the Dolphins are looking to rebound from their heartbreaking loss against the Jets last Sunday night. I'll give some credit to the Jets right here, because they have looked damn good the last 10 quarters. They kicked the Pats ass in the second half, won a very tough road game in Miami, then obliterated the Bills this week. Sanchez looks confident, the defense plays smash mouth, and Dustin Keller has evolved into a top 2 or 3 TE in just 4 weeks.
Lets get back to the Pats. They will be without starting running back Fred Taylor, opening the door for "the Law Firm"- BenJarvis Green-Ellis. BJGE looked very good last week against a weak Bills defensive front. A lot of Patriots fans like the way he runs, most probably because he is the EXACT opposite of Laurence "Dance till I get tackled behind the line" Maroney. BJGE runs hard, runs "downhill" and has good power between the tackles and inside the 20, but lets see how he does facing a strong run defense like Miami. As for what I think about the outcome: I think that Henne has looked out of control, and if the Pats can get a couple early scores they'll win something like 24-16. If they let the Dolphins control the clock with their two headed running attack, the Dolphins will eke out a victory like last years 22-21 game where the Pats let the Dolphins hang around JUST long enough for Henne to orchestrate a last minute drive.

Before I go, let me say one thing that always bugs me. People always say to me "how come when you talk about the Patriots or Celtics you always say 'we?'" Like "we looked great last night," or " we better win tonight." The reason I say "we" is because when you put your heart into a team, or even into a sport, it becomes a part of you. There is a reason people spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on season tickets and TV packages every year. They want to see THEIR team. They want to enjoy the team they grew up loving, and they want their kids to love their team as well. Without fans like us, there wouldn't be any sports. There would be no money, no ESPN, and most importantly, no Tom Brady.
And with that, I have one question to ask: "IS IT MONDAY YET?"

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